Feb 16, 2016

Enjoying Your Own Event

Forget being the hostest with the mostest, there are most likely times when you just wanted to survive your own event. Months of lead up, all of the little—to big—details to dial in and get just so, a finessed agenda, a—ever so hopefully—long and important list of guest RSVPs . . . and that’s just in the prep. What kind of host are you come party day? Are you greeting guests at the entrance? Rushing about, ensuring everything is spot on? Flitting between guests, ensuring everyone is entertained, happy and impressed? Being a host means you are responsible for the experience of each of your guests. And even if everyone appears to be enjoying themselves, there is always that haunting risk of one or two grumpy cat guests. And nobody likes the affects of one bad apple in an otherwise big, beautiful bowl of your favorite varietals. 

When you have given it your all and the clock has struck go time as the first guests arrive, there is little to do to change the course of the event. You can make little tweaks here and there, and keep the flow flowing well, but there will be certain elements that are already in motion and out of your control. The question becomes: do you allow yourself to enjoy the fruits of your labor (or financial investment)? Can you let out a big sigh, let go, and actually enjoy yourself? 

Events are amazing opportunities for so many reasons, whether you want to thank your clients, bring community members together, or fundraise for your organization, you can make many good things happen by hosting an event or throwing a party. But you won’t feel so inclined to keep making it happen if you feel tortured throughout the projects (even throughout just a few of them!). It’s mandatory you take a breath and be sure enjoy yourself. Your guests will pick up on your merriment and relaxed nature, which will invite them to let their guard down and feel more welcomed and comfortable. 

Although, I get it. It’s too easy to become consumed by the event process. We often forget to lean in and take part in our own party. But, you must. If it’s just too much, give me a call. Enjoy the delicious food, sip a refreshing adult beverage or sparkling water, and invest the time to soak up the evening and good company. When the host has fun, the guests do, too.


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